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A Life Of Crime : The Memoirs Of a High Court Judge

A Life Of Crime : The Memoirs Of a High Court Judge

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He successfully defended six officers of the Air Force of Zimbabwe at their trial in Harare, where they faced a charge of treasonable sabotage. Sir Harry Ognall. Among many cases as a QC, he prosecuted Peter Sutcliffe, the so-called `Yorkshire Ripper'. . , Thoughtful and provocative, Sir Harry has advice for the aspiring young advocate, and invests this penetrating memoir with warmth, humour and understanding. , As counsel, and later as judge, he was involved in numerous high-profile trials, both in Britain and abroad. For many years, Harry Ognall enjoyed a formidable reputation as an advocate at the criminal Bar. As a judge, he presided over the trial of Colin Stagg (the alleged `Wimbledon Common murderer'), the trial arising from the Lyme Bay canoe tragedy and the trial for the first time in the United Kingdom of a doctor's alleged involvement in euthanasia. A frank and witty memoir of life at the Bar and on the Bench, from former High Court Judge The Hon. His frank portrait of a lifetime in the criminal law offers unique perspectives on some of the most notorious cases of the twentieth century, as well as fascinating insights into a colourful professional life and the burdens and responsibilities that come with the privilege of high judicial office.

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