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Dentipet Beef Toothpaste by Dentipet

Dentipet Beef Toothpaste by Dentipet

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. Dentipet Beef Toothpaste helps to prevent dental disease and all that it entails for our pets. We could make all sorts of puns about canines and pawly whites…but to be serious, oral hygiene is the root (hee hee) of good health for our pets. Gentle abrasives and polishing agents do the cleaning, while fluoride strengthens the teeth and sodium pyrophosphates prevent plaque buildup. The oil-free formula also ensures a mess-free, stain-free experience for you and your pet. When he’s accustomed to this, try putting a dab of toothpaste on your finger before massaging his teeth and gums. Which is good news, by gum! Product details toothpaste suitable for cats and dogs contains gentle abrasives and polishing agents fluoride strengthens teeth sodium pyrophosphate prevents plaque buildup freshens breath oil-free formula Dentipet Chicken Toothpaste also available Administration Introduce your pet to a dental hygiene regimen by massaging his teeth and gums with your finger while praising and reassuring him. Once this is established, you can introduce the use of a Dentipet Finger Brush.

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